Monday, August 18, 2008

Anquan Boldin still demanding a trade, Eagles fans continue to dream

Okay, so I'm gonna stir up the rumor pot again. Way back in March, I speculated about the possibility of Anquan Boldin demanding a trade from the Cardinals, citing his unhappiness with his contract for the reason he wants out. The story came on the heels of the Eagles missing out on Randy Moss, so immediately rumors flew that the Eagles would try to bring Boldin to Philly. The Cardinals publicly stated they wouldn't trade Boldin, and the story died there.

Well, fast forward to August, and the story remains the same. According to Chris Mortenson of ESPN, Anquan Boldin still wants to be traded. Boldin will make only 2.5 million dollars this season, a number that pales to the 10 million a year his counterpart, Larry Fitzgerald, will make. Boldin isn't threatening to hold out or stop practicing or anything, he just wants to get paid.

Of course, the Cardinals still haven't put Boldin on the market, and all indications are that they won't. As long as Boldin keeps playing, Arizona has no sense of urgency to get something done. However, it's unlikely that they will step up and pay Boldin because it's not exactly feasible to have two wide receivers making 10 million dollars a year, so at some point they may be forced to trade him.

The moment that the Cardinals put him on the market, you can bet the Eagles will be the first team in line asking for Boldin's services. The Eagles made it no secret in the offseason that they were trying to bring in a top flight receiver, finally realizing what we all knew, that Kevin Curtis and Reggie Brown are not number one wideouts. The Eagles also have one big trade chip, Lito Sheppard, and the Cardinals aren't exactly known as a team with a stellar secondary. The second team in line for Boldin would have to be the Cowboys, who seem interested in bringing in any star that's available.

So, to sum it all up, Boldin wants a trade out of Arizona if the Cardinals won't pay him, but the Cardinals have made it clear that they won't deal him. The Eagles would be interested, but the chances of Boldin actually being made available are slim to none. So, the while the likelihood we will see Anquan Boldin in an Eagles uniform is very small, it's still something that Eagles fans should keep an eye on.

UPDATE: Here's an article from Adam Schefter of that outlines Boldin's issues with the Cardinals. The Cardinals have already come out and re-iterated that they won't trade Boldin, which only makes Boldin more unhappy. Hey, Cardinals, how about we trade our problem (Lito) for yours?


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