Friday, January 2, 2009

All Things Philly Sports' Holiday Giveaway Winner!

Congratulations to Jason Kirkpatrick, the winner of ATPS Holiday Giveaway Contest! Jason has won a "101 Reasons to Love the Phillies" book! Jason's entry was the first I received the day after the contest started, and his was easily the most comprehensive.

Here are Jason's wishes for three of the four Philly sports teams:

1. Phillies - Honestly after the ride they gave me in the playoffs this year, I just want to see some good baseball out of them. I hope we see the second half Brett Myers the full season this year, and I hope the second half Ryan Howard can get off to a bit of an earlier start to help fill the hitting gap we'll have without Chase at the start of the season. Speaking of Chase, I wish him a speedy recovery and hope he can come back at least as good of a player as he was last season. I am hoping Moyer has another good season as the man just deserves it in my eyes. I think my wish for them is to make the playoffs, and to feel that playoff magic again.

2. Flyers - My wish for the Flyers is to have them gel at the right time and make a deep playoff run again. In order to do this, another of my wishes is to have either Biron or Niity step up and be a true #1 goalie that we've needed for so long in this city. From the playoffs last season, it seemed Biron would be that man, but he's been inconsistent this season. I wish for Jeff Carter to continue his hot streak, and finally be noticed as one of the best centers in the NHL. I also wish for Gagne to stay healthy and avoid any further concussions for the rest of his career. The guy deserves that, and I'd hate for another great Flyer to go down to concussions.

3. Eagles - Had to save the Eagles for last... My hope for the Eagles is that they figure out what is plaguing this team. Whether it be McNabb (which I don't think it is), or Reid, something has got to give. I feel bad for wishing that someone loses a job (well, in McNabb's case, he'll just have a job somewhere else), but I think a change will be best for this team. And I believe that change needs to come from a player personnel standpoint more than a player standpoint. I'm not saying the Eagles have all the right pieces, but I think we need a better person in charge of putting those pieces together. One wish I have (and this is REALLY a wish) is for Pat Gillick to be the new GM of the Eagles. He made all the right moves with the Phils, football can't be that much different can it? haha. Anyways, I think Reid needs to either be let go as coach, or get final say in personnel decisions taken away. I don't think he can do both anymore. I also wish that if McNabb does move on, that he finds success wherever he goes. I wish for Westbrook to enjoy a healthy season. I wish for Dawkins to get a 1-2 year contract and retire an Eagle. I can think of no other person that personifies the Eagles more than him. I wish for the Eagles to come together as a team, and especially after watching that "game" yesterday, always be up for every game, and prepared to play.

Great work, Jason. It's especially interesting to read Jason's thoughts on the Birds, considering he wrote them before we knew they were going to be in the playoffs. I don't think anyone could have predicted that. Anyway, thanks to all who entered, better luck next time! And, thanks to everyone who reads the site, it's nice to know there are a few people that come and check out the things I have to say about the teams we love to follow. Happy 2009 to everyone!

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