Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The drought is over! The Phillies win it all!

(Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images)
It feels great to type this: the Philadelphia Phillies are the 2008 World Champions!!! For the first time in my conscious life, a Philadelphia sports team is a champion. It feels great now, but how big of a deal this is might not settle in for a while.

When I first started this blog back in January, one of the first posts I wrote was titled "The Next Philly Sports Champ". In the article I discussed which of the four major sports teams had the best chance to break the championship drought that our city has suffered through. At the top of the list was the Phillies, and I thought they had a chance to win this year.

I'm so happy I was right! Anyway, now isn't the time for any detailed analysis of the game, it's time to celebrate! Thanks to all who followed the Phillies right here on this site, what a great season it's been!



HappyPhillyPhan said...

WHOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! There are no words right now, just joy!

sis said...


Josh said...

congratulations to your Phillies ... As much as I was rooting against them, any time I witness a team celebrate a championship, I can't help but share in their excitement. A lot of people talk about how pro athletes don't care about anything other than cashing their fat checks, but to those people I ask them to simply witness any championship celebration. Witness the joy and the emotion that overflows at that moment when the final out is made or the final seconds tick off a clock, and it's clear to see why these guys play and why people like us watch.

- NJ