Monday, January 5, 2009

Pat Burrell signs with the Rays

We knew this day was coming ever since Raul Ibanez signed with the Phillies. Pat Burrell, who spent 9 years in a Phillies uniform, signed a 2 year deal with the Tampa Bay Rays, the team the Phils vanquished in the World Series. Burrell signed for a relatively cheap 16 million dollars over the two years and will be the Rays designated hitter. That's a great deal for someone who will give you 30 homers and 90 RBIs a season.

Burrell's Philadelphia career is now officially over and it ended on the highest note possible. He went from longtime goat to World Series hero this season and will always be remembered for helping the city break its long championship drought. It's sad to see Burrell go even though we knew this day was coming. I personally am surprised at how little money he settled for, I would have thought the Phillies would have easily matched that amount. Burrell's replacement, Ibanez, signed for 10 million a year and he's four years older than Burrell.

So long, Pat the Bat, you went out a winner. Expect a huge standing ovation for Burrell when the Rays visit the Phillies on April 3rd and 4th for the final Spring Training games at Citizen's Bank.

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