Thursday, November 13, 2008

This Eagles rookie likes to party

This one comes via Eagles rookie defensive back Jack Ikegwuonu, who the team drafted this year despite a torn ACL that has kept him on IR for the entire season, appears to be in a bit of trouble over a photo of him surrounded by several questionable substances surfaced on his sister's Facebook page. The photo, which you will have to click here to see, features Ikegwuonu and someone else laying around with a bong, some pills and a white powder on the table in front of them. The white powder looks like it could be just crushed up pills, but it is arranged in such a way that it looks like coke.

The picture has been taken off of Facebook and when asked about it, Ikegwuonu's sister said that it was all Photoshopped, presumably to keep her brother out of trouble since the picture looks legit. The former Wisconsin player has had other legal troubles in the past, specifically from stealing an XBox a few years ago.

Whether the white substance is coke or not, Ikegwuonu better clean up his act, and fast. The NFL has shown lately that is has zero tolerance when it comes to players and their extracurricular activities. If he ever gets healthy, Ikegwuonu has some real potential. Let's hope he doesn't ruin it before he ever gets to play a game.

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