Monday, November 17, 2008

Pujols wins NL MVP, Howard finishes 2nd

The Phillies once again have come up just short in the individual awards: Albert Pujols has been named the NL MVP.

As much as my heart said Ryan Howard should have been MVP, it's hard to argue with Albert Pujols being chosen instead. While Howard had more home runs and RBI's, Pujols had better numbers across the board. Howard was a huge part of the Phillies late push to the playoffs, but Pujols did the best he could to keep the Cardinals in contention even though their team was pretty weak overall.

Howard lost the vote by a score of 369-308. He received 12 first place votes while Pujols recieved 18.

Two other Phillies, Brad Lidge and Chase Utley, received votes. Lidge finished 8th in the voting and even got 2 first place votes. Utley finished 15th in the voting.

Oh well, it's hard to really care about these individual awards when the team has won the ultimate award!

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Chase Utley said...

sucks for howard champions baby! actually chase utley says it a little better: