Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Eagles just can't beat the good teams

(AP Photo/Tom Mihalek)
Looks like everyone has the Eagles figured out. Here is what Bill Simmons of ESPN said about the Eagles in his most recent column:

"The one team I definitively have figured out for gambling purposes: Take the Eagles over every bad team, home or away, no matter the spread; go against them any time they're facing a good team. Got it? Got it. Poor coaching, a crappy short-yardage game and a tendency to give up big plays will bite you in the bizzum every time."

Simmons hit tonight's game against the Giants on the head. Poor coaching in wasting those challenges and bad play calls and a crappy short yardage game where they couldn't get a yard when it mattered. The Eagles also couldn't stop the run at all, although they do deserve credit, despite a cheap play where Eli Manning was nearly over the line of scrimmage, for really slowing down Plaxico Burress and the Giants passing attack.

The Eagles just can't beat the good teams. They beat up on the Rams, Niners and Seahawks but just come up short against the top teams like the Cowboys, Redskins and Giants. The Eagles did beat the Steelers, but you can't build an entire season on one good win.

The Birds are back in last place in the NFC East, tied with the Dallas Cowboys. With a tough schedule down the stretch, it looks like the Eagles will go another season without making the playoffs. Oh well, at least we can still celebrate the Phillies!

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Brian said...

I agree. The coaching and play-calling is atrocious. Every time we needed a big play, like the second to last drive, a down was squandered with a stupid play. For example, the screen pass to Westbrook I think (it might have been Jackson), that the Giants picked up immediately for no gain. It was a waste, it's like Andy or Marty M, or whoever the hell is calling the plays, are experimenting with plays at the wrong time.