Thursday, November 13, 2008

NFL Week 11 Predictions

Coming off my best week of the season, I'm keeping it short and sweet this week, just one line about each game. Remember, all picks are based on who I think will win and don't take the spread into consideration.

Record Last Week:
12-2, .857
Overall Record: 93-51, .646

Thursday Night Game:

Jets (6-3) @ Patriots (6-3) This post might end up going up after the Jets and Patriots square off in a battle for the AFC East, but trust me that I made this pick before the game started! My pick: Patriots

Sunday Day Games:

Broncos (5-4) @ Falcons (6-3) Interesting match-up between two teams with good, young quarterbacks. My pick: I'll go with the team that can actually play defense, the Falcons

Eagles (5-4) @ Bengals (1-8) The Bengals should be the cure for all that ails the Eagles. My pick: Hopefully the Eagles aren't overconfident, but if they somehow lose this game, I'll get on board with those calling for Andy Reid's job

Bears (5-4) @ Packers (4-5) All of these NFC Central games are so even that I'm going to continue to go with the home team. My pick: Packers

Texans (3-6) @ Colts (5-4) The Colts won't need a miracle comeback this time. My pick: Don't look now but the Colts are right back in the mix amongst the best teams in the AFC

Saints (4-5) @ Chiefs (1-8) Expect lots of points in this one, neither team has much of a defense. My pick: The Chiefs will keep it fairly close, but the Saints will win

Raiders (2-7) @ Dolphins (5-4) This is my lock of the week, the Raiders are just awful. My pick: Dolphins

Ravens (6-3) @ Giants (8-1) The Eagles came oh-so-close to knocking off New York, and I expect the Ravens to also come pretty close, since they can actually stop the run. My pick: The Gi
ants will show their versatility and win a low-scoring game by a field goal

Vikings (5-4) @ Bucs (6-3) The NFC will really start to shake out after this week, this is another match-up between two good, even teams. My pick: Adrian Peterson continues his 2nd half assault on the league and leads the Vikings to the win

Lions (0-9) @ Panthers (7-2) Not yet, Detroit. My pick: I can't believe the Panthers are going to be 8-2, didn't see that one coming

Rams (2-7) @ Niners (2-7) Ugh, everyone is a loser in this game, especially those that choose to watch it. My pick: The Niners did look improved on Monday Night, I doubt they can blow two games in a row

Cardinals (6-3) @ Seahawks (2-7) The Cardinals offense is truly amazing, Kurt Warner has to be the MVP of the league right now. My pick: The Cardinals will continue to run away with the NFC West

Chargers (4-5) @ Steelers (6-3) The Chargers need to keep winning or they are going to find themselves out of the playoffs fast. My pick: Chargers

Titans (9-0) @ Jaguars (4-5) It's not pretty, but the Titans continue to find ways to win. My pick: Titans

Sunday Night Game:

Cowboys (5-4) @ Redskins (6-3) I'm not sure if Clinton Portis is going to play or not, but either way I think that the Redskins will be able to ruin Tony Romo's return. My pick: Redskins

Monday Night Game:

Browns (3-6) @ Bills (5-4) What a yawner of a Monday Nighter, the NFL needs flex scheduling for these games, too. My pick: Bills

Those are my picks for Week 11. Leave a comment if you have your own picks or if you agree/disagree with mine!

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