Wednesday, November 26, 2008

NFL Week 13 Predictions

We're hitting the stretch drive in the NFL season, it's hard to believe that there are only 5 weeks left! At least we don't have to worry about the Eagles and their playoff chances since they are clearly done.

Here are my picks for Week 13. Remember, all picks are made without taking the spread into consideration.

Record Last Week: 9-7, .563
Overall Record: 111-64-1, .634

Thursday G

Titans (10-1) @ Lions (0-11) The Titans are coming to Detroit looking to re-establish their running game and prove that they are still a dominant team. The Lions don't stand a chance. My pick: Titans

Seahawks (2-9) @ Cowboys (7-4) At the beginning of the season this game looked like a good one. Now, with the Seahawks broken down, it looks like another Thanksgiving blowout. My pick: Cowboys

Cardinals (7-4) @ Eagles (5-5-1) Donovan McNabb is back in the saddle for the Eagles but I'm not sure it's going to matter. McNabb will be looking to prove himself against the weak Cardinals secondary, so the Eagles should be able to put some points on the board. Unfortunately, with Asante Samuel out, the secondary just go a little weaker and the Cardinals feature a scary duo of recievers and a revitalized Kurt Warner. I've been picking the Eagles nearly every week but I just don't see them slowing down the Cardinals. Of course, I hope I'm wrong. My pick: Cardinals

Sunday Day Games:

Niners (3-8) @ Bills (6-5) Last week, the Niners actually kept up with the Cowboys for a half until they got destroyed by T.O. and company in the second half. This week, I expect them to keep up for about three quarters until the Bills pull away. My pick: Bills

Ravens (7-4) @ Bengals (1-9-1) Congratulations to John Harbaugh for his immediate success in Baltimore. Too bad the Eagles didn't keep Harbaugh around because he could have been the sucessor to Andy Reid. My pick: Ravens

Colts (7-4) @ Browns (4-7) Brady Quinn is out for the year which thrusts Derek Anderson back into the starting role in Cleveland. It won't make any difference anyway, the resurgent Colts will win this one handily. My pick: Colts

Panthers (8-3) @ Packers (5-6) The NFC South is right there with the NFC East for the best division in football. Every team is over .500 and there will be at least one Wild Card team coming from the division. The NFC North is another story as three teams hover around .500 and none of them seem to want to make the playoffs. The contrast in the two divisions makes this pick easy. My pick: Panthers

Dolphins (6-5) @ Rams (2-9) The Dolphins should bounce back nicely this week against a Rams team that has given up. My pick: Dolphins

Saints (6-5) @ Bucs (8-3) Drew Brees has had an absolutely incredible season. He is carrying the Saints on his back with his huge passing numbers. I don't expect him to be as effective against the Bucs as he was against the Packers, which doesn't bode well for New Orleans. My pick: Bucs

Giants (10-1) @ Redskins (7-4) The Giants are rolling now and I don't see how the Redskins will be able to slow them down. Only a typical late season swoon by Eli will keep this Giants team from the Super Bowl. My pick: Giants

Falcons (7-4) @ Chargers (4-7) You might think that at 4-7 the Chargers would be out of it, but after they win this game and the Broncos lose to the Jets, San Diego will be one game out of first place. The AFC West is just that bad. My pick: Chargers

Broncos (6-5) @ Jets (8-3) See above, the Jets will win against this terrible Broncos team. How is it even possible to get destroyed by the Raiders? With the run the Jets are on right now, everyone is starting to get excited for an all-New York Super Bowl. I wouldn't hold my breath. My pick: Jets

Chiefs (1-10) @ Raiders (3-8) I can't believe I picked the Chiefs last week to beat the Bills, I have no idea what I was thinking. I won't be picking Kansas City again, not even against the crappy Raiders. My pick: Raiders

Steelers (8-3) @ Patriots (7-4) Those Patriot fans that are calling for Matt Cassel to be their quarterback next season and for Tom Brady to be traded are idiots. Cassel is an average starter at best who is playing well in the Patriots system, Brady is a stud in any system. The Steelers are dealing with some injuries but I still see them coming out on top. My pick: Steelers

Sunday Night Game:

Bears (6-5) @ Vikings (6-5) I always go with the home team in these NFC North contests and I haven't been wrong yet. The Vikings, Bears and Packers are all flawed in their own ways and they are all equally mediocre. My pick: Vikings

Monday Night Game:

Jaguars (4-7) @ Texans (4-7) What a terrible Monday Night game. There aren't even any good fantasy guys in this one. My pick: Jaguars are the winners, those who try to watch this game are the losers

Those are my picks for Week 13. Agree, disagree or have picks of your own? Leave a comment!

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