Friday, November 21, 2008

NFL Week 12 Predictions

Just when I think I have the NFL figured out I have my worst week of predictions in Week 11. Parity continues to reign in the league, making picking the winners a difficult proposition.

Here are my picks for Week 12. Remember, all picks are made without taking the spread into consideration.

Record Last Week: 9-6-1, .594
Overall Record: 102-57-1, .641

Thursday Night Game:

Bengals (1-8-1) @ Steelers (7-3)
This post will go up during or after the Thursday night game, but trust me, there is only one team to pick in this game anyway. My pick: Steelers

Sunday Day Games:

Panthers (8-2) @ Falcons (6-4)
This is the first of several tough games to predict, the Panthers are the slightly better team but the game is being played in Atlanta. My pick: The Panthers will slow down the Falcons runs game and will pull out the win, further solidifying their NFC South division lead

Texans (3-7) @ Browns (4-6)
Brady Quinn might not actually be a terrible quarterback, he's at least better than Sage Rosenfels. My pick: I don't like either of these teams but I'll go with the Brownies at home.

Niners (3-7) @ Cowboys (6-4)
Much to the Eagles chagrin, the Cowboys are going to find themselves right in the thick of the NFC playoff picture after another win. My pick: Cowboys

Bucs (7-3) @ Lions (0-10)
I'm having a hard time finding a game the Lions will be able to win. My pick: Bucs won't lose in a possible trap game

Jets (7-3) @ Titans (10-0)
The Titans quest for perfection will continue, it's funny how they aren't getting all the hype that last years "unbeatable" Patriots team got. My pick: Titans

Bills (5-5) @ Chiefs (1-9)
Tyler Thigpen looks like the future in Kansas City and even at the present he's good enough to beat the slumping Bills. My pick: Chiefs

Bears (5-5) @ Rams (2-8)
The Rams are truly terrible, how do you get wiped out by the crappy Niners? My pick: Bears

Patriots (6-4) @ Dolphins (6-4)
Who would have thought these two teams would have identical records at this point in the season? My pick: I'm going with the Patriots because they have something to prove after Miami made them look silly with the Wildcat formation in Week 3.

Vikings (5-5) @ Jaguars (4-6)
I can't believe I picked the Jaguars to be the Super Bowl Champs back in the beginning of the season, injuries have really ravaged this team and forced them to play a different style. My pick: Vikings

Eagles (5-4-1) @ Ravens (6-4)
I'm so disgusted with the Birds after their showing last week. I'm a pretty patient fan and I have defended Donovan McNabb and Andy Reid on many occasions but what happened last week was just pathetic. The team doesn't need to change their quarterback and coach, they need to change their philosophy. If the fans and the writers can all see that its not working, why can't the coach? My pick: I still have to believe that the Eagles defense will rattle the rookie QB and the offense will put just enough points on the board to eek out a win. If they don't, whatever minute playoff hopes they have are lost.

Raiders (2-8) @ Broncos (6-4)
The Broncos are the worst 6 win team in the league but the Raiders are just awful. My pick: Broncos

Giants (9-1) @ Cardinals (7-3)
I'm tempted just like everyone else to go with the upset but I think the Giants will get to "MVP" Kurt Warner and knock him on his butt and take the Cards out of their game. My pick: Giants

Redskins (6-4) @ Seahawks (2-8)
The Redskins offense gets the perfect matchup this week to get back on track, they looked bad against the Cowboys. My pick: Redskins

Sunday Night Game:

Colts (6-4) @ Chargers (4-6)
One team bounced back after a slow start, the other one didn't. My pick: Colts in one of the better Sunday Night games of the year

Monday Night Game:

Packers (5-5) @ Saints (5-5)
I expect this one to be a high-scoring affair between two teams with good offenses and mediocre defenses. My pick: The Packers will keep pace in the NFC Central with a win

Those are my picks for Week 12. Leave a comment if you have your own picks or if you agree/disagree with mine!

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