Monday, November 24, 2008

Eagles to stick with McNabb, at least for now

Perhaps all of the "End of an Era" talk was a bit premature. Andy Reid announced today that Donovan McNabb will be the starting quarterback for the Eagles in their Thanksgiving game against the Cardinals. Kevin Kolb replaced McNabb for the second half of yesterday's game against the Ravens and played terribly, which is about what we would expect from someone with no NFL experience.

Reid's decision to start McNabb again raises the question as to whether the veteran quarterback should have ever been pulled. If the Eagles were going to go back to McNabb anyway, what was the point of switching to Kolb against the Ravens? McNabb clearly gives this team the best chance to win, but with the team all but eliminated, isn't it time to look to the future?

You can bet McNabb will be on a short leash on Thursday. Maybe the benching will act as a wake-up call and #5 will get off to a fast start for once. If he doesn't, then the Kevin Kolb era will officially begin. Let's hope Kolb has a lot more ability than he showed yesterday or it might be a short era.


phillystandup said...

its such a shame to watch reid completely ruin mcnabbs career here in year when reid is back we'll see how good of a coach he really is. mcnabb is the sole reason for his sucess

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