Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The offseason begins for the Champs: Coach fired, 2 players move on

The Phillies didn't wait long to begin preparing themselves for the 2009 season. Starting with the hiring of a new GM, they have made a flurry of moves as they begin the long process of fielding a team that will look to defend their World Series Title. That still feels good to say.

Steve Smith canned: Third base coach Steve Smith will no longer be killing Phillie rallies. Smith made a number of bad calls in sending runners that were out by several steps. While Smith has improved over the 2 years he has been coaching, apparently he has been in Charlie Manuel's doghouse, so that means it was time to go.

Taguchi released: The Phillies released little-used outfielder So Taguchi. The club didn't pick up his option and then released him, making him a free agent. He was clearly not what the team thought he would be when they signed him last off-season to be a pinch-hitter, he didn't contribute anything at the plate.

Walrond to the Blue Jays: Les Walrond and his 6.10 ERA will no longer be toiling in Lehigh Valley or making the occasional appearance with the big club. Walrond was claimed by the Toronto Blue Jays, who must really be desperate for pitching help.

That's it for now, no word yet on Pat Burrell or Jamie Moyer.

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