Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Victorino gets beer shower from Cubs fan

(Tom Cruze/Sun-Times, via Deadspin)
If this happened in Philadelphia, we would be hearing about how terrible Philly fans are and how we all boo Santa Claus. Shane Victorino, while making a catch in the Wrigley Field outfield, was pelted by a beer thrown by a stupid Cubs fan. Since this incident happened in Chicago, I'm going to bet there will be a lot of apologists out there, saying that "Cubs fans have had to endure so much" and "it was just one bad apple." Interesting how those sentiments are never shared when this kind of thing happens in Philadelphia, huh?

Needless to say, Victorino still made the catch despite the beer shower. I guess he's used to getting beer poured on him after the Phillies World Series win last year. Of course, the Phillies also kicked the Cubs asses in the nationally televised game, 12-5, so justice was ultimately served. I guess we can't call Wrigley the "Friendly Confines" anymore, right?


Anonymous said...

Philadelphia still has by far the most classless fans in all of sports.

Anonymous said...

^ Wrong

Anonymous said...

Philadelphia fans are die hard fans...however despite where you are from, there are always bad apples. What was done tonight was completely wrong regardless of what teams were playing. Fortunately, karma never forgets, so the sweet victor(ino)y was that Shane made the catch, despite and distraction, and the Phillies won the game.

Anonymous said...

Whoever said Phillies fans are the most classless...Is a F'in idiot.

Screw the Cubs...I hope they go another 100 years without a world series.