Thursday, August 27, 2009

Michael Vick Predictions?

So, as you have heard, Michael Vick is finally getting on the field tonight with the Eagles. As Andy Reid has indicated, Vick will be playing in parts of the first three quarters, likely lining up at quarterback for a few plays. As for any special plays, Reid didn't deny that the team would be running something out of the Wildcat formation.

With that in mind, what do you think Vick does tonight? Personally, I think he makes a few passes at quarterback and makes a few runs out of the backfield, but for the most part, Vick will be used as a decoy. The Eagles would be smart to throw a few different formations out there just to keep opposing teams guessing during the season but I wouldn't expect any crazy plays. I am also expecting Donovan McNabb to line up at receiver at least once but I highly doubt the Eagles would actually throw the ball to him. No reason to risk any injury to #5.

What are your predictions for tonight?


DHBeliver!RAIDERStillTheDeath said...

I think he runs for a touchdown... Jukes a few guys and dives into the endzone.Just like old times... I still believe he gots the moves! Maybe a lil shaky with his arm but def can still run.

jacob watson said...

Go Vick I'm glad you made a big comeback...