Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Ray Emery unveils Philly-inspired goalie mask

If the mask truly represents the man, new Flyers goaltender Ray Emery is going to quickly become a fan favorite here in Philadelphia. The official Flyers Twitter, @Flyersonthefly, unveiled Emery's new mask, which features three local boxing heroes, two real and one fictional. On the two sides of Emery's mask, he features pictures of Philly's own Bernard Hopkins (above) and Joe Frazier (below).
On the back of his mask, Emery also has a picture of Rocky.
Emery is a big boxing fan and is known as a goalie who is always willing to drop the gloves, so this is the perfect mask for him. He earns a ton of bonus points for showing respect to his new city, now let's hope he earns a whole bunch more from his play on the ice.

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mrgoatee said...

Awesome mask and the razor will be awesome for the flyers