Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Brett Myers story changes. Again.

Here we go again, the story that changes daily seems to have taken the turn we all expected. Brett Myers, who missed a rehab start last weekend with a black eye, has been lying to the Phillies, according to Randy Miller of the Bucks Courier County Times. Originally, Myers said that he injured his eye while playing catch with his son, but later changed his story, saying he was embarrassed because he really got hurt while falling out of his car. Word came out later that Myers was involved in a dispute at a bar, but it wasn't believed to be a physical confrontation.

Well, the story changes now to the obvious conclusion, that, according to Miller, Myers got his black eye from being punched in the face in a bar fight. While we don't know the full story of the incident, like whether he was punched while fighting back or if he was sucker-punched or something, there is more to the story than Myers decided to share.

The fact that Myers got the black eye in a fight is not surprising, and it could even be forgivable. Given his past incident, one would hope that he had grown up, but it's not hard to picture Myers getting into these types of situations. The fact that Myers lied to the media, and presumably to the Phillies, is the part that is disturbing. If Myers had simply come out and told the truth, sure, he would have endured some ridicule in the media and amongst fans, but now that we know the truth and that he lied about it, Myers comes across much worse.

This incident is just the next in a string that will likely lead Myers out of town at the end of this season. He will be a free agent, but I wouldn't count on the Phillies wanting to put up with his crap anymore. As Charlie Manuel put it, "He’s a grown man; I’d like to see him be a professional.” Myers will continue his rehab this week and still looks poised to be in the Phillies bullpen come September. Let's hope he stays out of trouble until then.

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