Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Sixers add back-up center Primoz Brezec

When commenting on the signing of Royal Ivey, I said the Sixers still needed to add a back-up center to round out their roster, and now they have done just that. Slovenian Primoz Brezec, a 7 year NBA veteran who played for the Pistons, Raptors and Bobcats last season, has signed a one year deal with the Sixers. According to, the contract is worth approximately 1.1 million, the veteran minimum for a player with 7 years of NBA experience. Brezec is 7 foot 1, and has played in 321 games, starting in 214 of them, and averaged 7.6 points and 4.1 rebounds per game. He spent most of last season as a back-up, averaging around 10 minutes a game and scoring 2 points and grabbing 1.5 rebounds per game. Brezec's best seasons were from 2004-2007 with the Charlotte Bobcats when he was a starter and scored in double figures for them.

Brezec will make a solid back-up center, but not much should be expected from him. If Samuel Dalembert goes down for a long period of time this coming season, the Sixers would be much better off going small with Elton Brand or Marreese Speights in the middle. It's hard to get too excited about Brezec, he is simply going to slide into the role that Theo Ratliff had for the Sixers last season but he isn't as good of a shot blocker or rebounder as Theo. In other words, Brezec will be fine for the Sixers as long as he plays about 10 minutes a game and not too much is expected from him.

The Sixers now have 12 players under contract for the coming season. I still think the Sixers are a point guard short, but it will need to be a point guard that will actually have an impact on the team, not just a body. It's hard to look at the Sixers as they are currently constituted and think they have improved at all over last years club. For a team that wants to take the next step, the recent additions of Ivey and Brezec aren't going to help the Sixers make any waves in the Eastern Conference.


Anonymous said...

Sixers are a joke. I never thought anyone could be worse than Billy King... Ed Stafanski ladies and gentleman!!

allthingsphilly said...

What are you talking about! This signing, coupled with Royal Ivey, guarantees the Sixers an NBA Title! Seriously, though, Ed, you're gonna need to do better than this.