Monday, August 10, 2009

The injuries mount: Cole, Kolb latest Eagles to go down

This is just getting comical. After a weekend that saw the Eagles best receiver get banged up and a rookie tight end lost for the season, the Birds started another week at camp hoping for better luck. Unfortunately, shortly into Monday morning practice, two Eagles had to be carted off the field: defensive end Trent Cole and quarterback Kevin Kolb. While both players appear to be fine, forgive us all for fearing the worst at first.

The more important player of the two is obviously Cole, and luckily he seems to have the lesser injury. Word is that he sprained his shoulder, but Cole himself later called the injury just a bruise, so he should be fine. Kolb injured his knee in practice, and it was believed to be more serious, with the Eagles even taking him back to Philadelphia for an MRI, but now the Birds are just calling it a sprained knee. Some folks around the Internet were quick to say that Kolb had torn his ACL and would be out for the season, but those rumors were proved to be false. Losing Kolb wouldn't be a huge blow for the Eagles, in fact, the offense if probably better if A.J. Feeley was the backup. Still, it's good to hear that he should be back and practicing within a few days.

All of the injury news that has come out of training camp this year has been startling. From Stewart Bradley to DeSean Jackson to the fact that the offensive line has barely been on the field, one would think that if this keeps up, Andy Reid is going to pull all the starters off the field until the season starts. I wouldn't blame him at all.

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