Thursday, August 13, 2009

McNabb lobbied for Vick to play for the Eagles

Many wondered how Donovan McNabb was going to take the news that Michael Vick had signed with the Eagles. The media was already speculating that McNabb would be furious with the move and would be pissed off at the Eagles front office. Apparently, however, McNabb is fine with it and was even involved in the process of signing Vick the whole time.

McNabb, in an interview after the Eagles first preseason game, said that he "lobbied" the Eagles to bring Vick to Philadelphia. McNabb even described himself as a mentor to Vick, helping the former Falcon quarterback through the tough times of the last few years.

Donovan also said that he expects Vick to play quarterback for the Birds, not be a "utility" player. When asked about a quarterback controversy, McNabb also stated that he felt there was no controversy, noting that he doesn't mind Vick getting a few snaps every game: "if there are 70 snaps in a game and I take 65 of them", McNabb is "okay with losing 5 snaps" to Vick a game.

Overall, McNabb seemed very cool and confident about the idea of Michael Vick playing for the Eagles. He seemed genuinely excited about the possibilities that would emerge as teams try to gameplan for himself, Vick, Brian Westbrook and DeSean Jackson all on the field at once. The only mistake McNabb made in the whole press conference was when he said that "bringing in Michael Vick is no different that bringing in T.O.". Um, Donovan, I hope it's very different. I hope it doesn't end in a disaster like the T.O. debacle.

Donovan McNabb is on board with Michael Vick being a Philadelphia Eagle. It says a lot that the team leader is excited to have Vick be a part of his team. Whether you like Vick or not, the possibilities are endless now for the Eagles offense. McNabb believes in Michael Vick, so I guess the fans should, too.

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Weekly NFL Picks said...

I think Vick deserves a second chance. Im surprised he got more than the minimum. But i think the eagles are going to be able to some interesting things on the field with both mcnabb and vick out there. Good to see McNabb is on board.

Derek Tademaru said...

that's crazy that you said 2nd chance cuz check out this tshirt.