Friday, August 14, 2009

Vick to wear #7 with the Eagles

Michael Vick will wear jersey number 7 with the Eagles, the same number that he wore with the Falcons.

Former #7's for the Eagles include:

Roy Zimmerman, B (1942-1946)
John Huarte, QB (1968)
Jim Ward, QB (1971-1972)
John Reaves, QB (1972-1975)
Ron Jaworski, QB (1977-1986)
Roger Ruzek, K (1989-1993)
Ken O'Brien, QB (1993)
Bobby Hoying, QB (1996-1998)
Sean Landeta, P (1999-2002)
Jeff Garcia, QB (2006)

Jaws is clearly the best player to ever wear #7 for the Eagles, although Vick instantly becomes the most athletic.


Joe W. Linden said...

woah there. you're missing bobby hoying during 1996-'97! I've already converted mine into a Vick jersey!

JFein said...

I almost feel ashamed that I remember Bobby Hoying (although I did forget that he was #7).

I wonder if Gruden's prediction last night about Vick selling more #7 jersies than Jaws did his entire career will come true or not......

allthingsphilly said...

Thanks for the heads up! How could I have missed Hoying, I mean, he was sooo good!

Anonymous said...

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