Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Juqua Parker busted for pot

There isn't a lot of good news coming out of Lehigh this summer, is there? The latest bad news is that defensive end Juqua Parker was arrested for possession of marijuana. He was in a car that got pulled over at 12:33 am Wednesday and was found to have a "small amount" of pot in his possession. Parker was later released on bail.

It's unknown right now what the next steps will be, but as Andy Reid was quoting as saying, "it's in the laws hands now". As for his standing in the NFL, that's always something to worry about. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is known for cracking down hard on anyone who breaks the law; luckily this is the first incident Parker has had, so he should get off with just a warning.

First, Jim Johnson passed away. Then, the season-ending injury to Stewart Bradley. Now, a starting defensive end is facing legal troubles. The defense has really taken its lumps this preseason.

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Anonymous said...

i hope this doesnt effect his half season of production.