Sunday, July 6, 2008

Phillies extend Lidge for 3 more years

The Phillies acquired Brad Lidge in one of the best trades in their history this past off-season, and now they have him locked up until at least 2011. Lidge, who would have been a free agent at the end of the season, signed a three year deal worth 37.5 million dollars. The deal also includes a team option for 2012.

Lidge has been basically perfect this season, converting all 19 of his save opportunities and posting an ERA of 0.77. After struggling through his last few seasons with the Astros, he has come to Philadelphia and re-established himself as an elite closer, and now he is going to get paid like one.

This is a great deal for the Phillies and for Lidge. It solidifies the back end of the bullpen for the foreseeable future. This also means that Brett Myers won't be the closer for the Phillies anytime soon, so he had better learn how to be a starting pitcher again.

I applaud the Phillies for breaking their usual mold and deciding to extend a contract during the season. Will they do the same for their other big upcoming free agent, Pat Burrell?

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SoxAddict said...

Hopefully you're not cursing this signing a year down the road. I'm still not convinced he can stay healthy.