Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Flyers lose Thoreson to Europe

When the Flyers signed Arron Asham earlier this week, my first hunch was it meant that Patrick Thoreson would not be a Flyer next year, and I was proven correct today. Thoreson, a restricted free agent, refused a contract offered by the Flyers and accepted a deal to play in Europe next season. The Flyers apparently only offered him a 2-way deal, one that meant he would likely split time between the NHL and AHL and Thoreson would only sign a 1-way deal that would ensure he would spend the entire season with the big club.

I am surprised that the Flyers weren't willing to offer Thoreson a 1-way deal considering how well he played down the stretch. I thought Thoreson did enough to earn a spot on the fourth line for next year but the Flyers apparently didn't agree. Losing Thoreson isn't a major blow to the Flyers although it will hurt their depth. The Flyers likely signed Asham with the idea that he would replace Thoreson although each one brings different things to the table.

Here is the lasting memory we will all have of Thoreson. He made the ultimate sacrifice for the team:

Flyers lines:
Here are the likely Flyer forward lines for next year updated with the latest transactions:


Extras: Cote, Kane

Knuble and Giroux are interchangeable on the second and third lines. I put Giroux higher because he will need to play with more skill players. I put Asham ahead of Cote simply because he has more experience and the Flyers gave him a bigger contract.

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