Thursday, July 31, 2008

The deadline comes and goes, and the Phillies do nothing

The 4 pm trade deadline is upon us, and it appears that the Phillies, and most of the rest of MLB, won't be making moves. While there is still time for a deal to happen since teams often can get extensions past the deadline, it appears that after all the speculation and rumors about all those pitchers being moved amounted to nothing. By my count there have been two deals today, Ken Griffey Jr. going to the White Sox and Arthur Rhodes going to Florida.

Can't say I'm surprised that the Phillies didn't do anything. Gillick must think he can get something done before the August 31st waiver deadline, but deals are harder to get done in August. Oh well, I guess we should be happy he didn't unload a bunch of prospects for some mediocre reliever.

UPDATE: Manny is on the move! is reporting that Manny Ramirez is going to the Dodgers, with Jason Bay going to the Red Sox in a three team deal. It looks like the Dodgers just replaced the Marlins from the original three team deal.

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