Thursday, April 3, 2008

Flyers playoff hopes slip with loss to Penguins

In a critical game that would have nearly clinched a playoff berth had they won, the Flyers came up short and lost 4-2 to the Pittsburgh Penguins. The Flyers played a solid first period, but looked like a different team in the second and third periods as the Penguins used better special teams and goaltending to win the game and clinch the Atlantic Division title. The Penguins victory also moved them back into the 1st seed in Eastern Conference.

If the Flyers had won the game, they would have moved all the way up to a tie for the 5th seed in the Eastern Conference. Instead, they lost and dropped down to the 8th seed, leaving them only one point ahead of the Washington Capitals. The Flyers remaining schedule is difficult, with games against the Devils and Penguins remaining. The Capitals have it easy in comparison, as they will play the Lightning and Panthers, two bottom-dwellers.

This loss puts a damper on the Flyers playoff hopes. Without more inspired play, the Flyers might be sitting out the playoffs yet again. Even if they manage to hold on to the 8th seed, a possible match-up with Penguins awaits, which would likely lead to a quick exit. Needless to say, the outlook isn't pretty for the Flyers.

Tonight's game was chippy throughout, with lots of typical Flyers rough play. There were some questionable calls throughout the game, including a clear high stick to the face of Scott Hartnell that the refs somehow missed. One of the highlights of the game was an early first period fight between Riley Cote and Georges Laraque, two heavyweights that have battled several times before. Watch the fight in the video below.

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ivand87 said...

Decent fight... But THAT'S your top highlight of the night?

I would imagine that Flyers fans loved it when Hartnell took a shot at Crosby. Twice.

Too bad the Flyers ended up paying for their goonery tonight, huh?

Enjoy watching the Capitals take your playoff spot tomorrow.