Saturday, April 26, 2008

Philadelphia Eagles Draft Day Coverage

The wait is finally over. All the speculation of what the Eagles are going to do on Draft Day can go out the window along with all the mock drafts. Hit refresh for the latest updates.

8:58 pm
*The Giants make the last pick of the second round, Terrell Thomas from USC. Day One is over, definitely shorter than in previous years, but still too long. Check back later tonight for more analysis of the Eagles picks!

8:31 pm
*Packers take Brian Brohm, they're QB of the future. Wait, I thought that was supposed to be Aaron Rodgers?

8:22 pm
*DeSean Jackson has been working with Jerry Rice on getting ready for the pro game. Sounds good to me!

8:18 pm
*Okay so that wasn't much of a break. The Redskins pick Malcolm Kelly, who they will now pair up with Devin Thomas in their passing game. Curious that they took two WR's already. Limas Sweed was also taken by Pittsburgh, he is a great value at this point in the draft. I wouldn't have minded Sweed going to the Eagles with their last pick.

8:10 pm
*I'll be taking a break for awhile, watching the Flyers!

8:09 pm
*For more on the Eagles picks, click here.

7:54 pm
*Eagles make their next selection! They finally get their receiver, DeSean Jackson from Cal. That's a great pick there. He will be a great punt/kick returner.

7:46 pm
*Eagles FINALLY make a pick! Trevor Laws, DT Notre Dame.

7:41 pm
*Bengals pick Jerome Simpson, WR. EAGLES ARE ON THE CLOCK (again). Let's see what they trade for now!

7:37 pm
*Apparently the Eagles got another 4th rounder from the Vikings. I guess that makes up for the one they gave up in the trade for Lorenzo Booker.

7:32 pm
*It looks like they moved down a few spots and they have the 47th and 49th picks coming up. They had to have gotten something else, too.

7:31 pm
*Still waiting for word on what the Eagles got from the Vikings

7:25 pm
*Seriously? The Eagles trade down again? Do they even want to draft this year?

7:22 pm
*I have no idea what the Eagles will do with this pick. If I had to guess, I would say they take one of the best available receivers, DeSean Jackson or Malcolm Kelly perhaps.

7:21 pm
*The Broncos pick WR Eddie Royal. THE EAGLES ARE ON THE CLOCK. Let's hope they actually use their pick this time!

6:56 pm
*Now we have a run on receivers. Jordy Nelson of Kansas State is the next to go. The Eagles may need to move up if they want to take one.

6:48 pm
*Redskins take Devin Thomas, the second receiver off the board. Thomas is going to be a good player, it would have been nice if he fell to the Eagles.

6:01 pm
*Can anyone follow all these trades? This has to be some kind of record. The Cowboys trade for another first round pick and get Mike Jenkins, someone many thought would be the first cornerback taken. Great value there, I hate the Cowboys.

5:53 pm
*Another running back off the board! Chris Johnnson from East Carolina goes to the Titans with the 24th pick. That's five running backs taken and ZERO wide receivers so far.

5:45 pm
*Running back run! Dallas takes Felix Jones and Rashard Mendenhall goes to the Steelers. Neither team really needs a running back, but they are both good value at this point.

5:33 pm
*Cowboys on the clock. BOOOOO!!! Love the boos coming from the crowd in New York. The Cowboys should take some secondary help because they can't count on Pacman.

5:22 pm
*The Bucs take Aqib Talib, someone else who the Eagles may have been interested in. Talib has some serious off-field issues, so I don't mind them passing on him.

5:21 pm
*Details of the Eagles trade just came through. The Eagles get the Panthers first round pick next year, which could be a high pick since Carolina doesn't figure to be that good.

5:11 pm
*The Panthers take Jeff Otah. Guess the Eagles didn't hold him in as high regard.

5:10 pm
*Eagles trade out of the first round with the Carolina Panthers. That would have been my next guess, if the Eagles didn't see anything they really liked, they would move down and grab someone later.

5:04 pm
*My prediction is that the Eagles take Pittsburgh's Jeff Otah. Even though none have been taken, it's still too early to take a wide receiver, they can take one in the second round. The receiver group is so deep that there won't be much of a drop-off.

5:03 pm
*Baltimore moves up to take Delaware's Joe Flacco, a QB. THE EAGLES ARE ON THE CLOCK!

4:53 pm
*Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie taken by the Cardinals. Another player many mock draft had the Eagles taking. Rodgers-Cromartie would have been a solid addition for the Eagles, but I think the Birds have bigger needs than cornerback, especially with no word yet on a Lito Sheppard trade.

4:44 pm
*Instead of the Eagles, the Chiefs trade with the Lions for the 15th pick. They select Brandon Albert. Great value with the 15th pick. You can bet Andy Reid is pissed!

4:40 pm
*ESPN is speculating that the Eagles might try to trade up here with the Lions for the 15th pick. The thought would be that the Eagles take Brandon Albert and keep him away from the Cheifs who could take him with the 17th pick. Sounds good to me!

4:37 pm
*The Bears take offensive lineman Chris Williams. The Eagles have to feel pretty good knowing linemen Brandon Albert and Jeff Otah are both still on the board. Knowing the Eagles penchant for taking lineman in the first round, expect one of the two to be the pick if they are still there at 19.

4:28 pm
*Second running back taken, Jonathan Stewart from Oregon. He's a bit of a stretch here, I thought Rashard Mendenhall of Illinois was going to be the second back taken.

4:24 pm
*Broncos take Ryan Clady, a lineman who I had seen go to the Eagles in some mock drafts. He's the first offensive player taken in 7 picks. This is not a big year for skill position players.

4:19 pm
*The first defensive back is off the board. Leodis McKelvin is taken by the Bills to help them actually try to cover the Patriots receivers.

4:13 pm
*The Patriots throw a bit of a curveball. Linebacker Jerod Mayo was considered a bit of a late first round pick. Of course, linebacker is a big need for the Pats, so the pick makes sense.

4:09 pm
*Patriots on the clock again. I could see them moving down again. Maybe the Eagles could swing a deal to move up here?

4:04 pm
*First two trades of the day. The Patriots trade down, as expected, and the Saints move up and take DT Sedrick Ellis. The Ravens, knowing that they can't take a QB now, also trade down and the Jaguars make the first reach of the day: Derrick Harvey, a DE from Florida. He was considered a late first rounder at best. The Jags gave up a TON to move up. They gave up their 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th to move up. Bad Deal.

3:43 pm
*Chiefs do the right thing and take Dorsey, the Jets take defensive end Vernon Gholston. Makes sense for both of them.

3:30 pm
*The draft should get interesting now. The Chiefs could take Glenn Dorsey, or they could trade down. The Chiefs are a terrible franchise, so expect them to do something head-scratching.

3:27 pm
*Raiders take McFadden. Knowing who the top four picks were going to be ahead of time has made this pretty boring. That being said, the Raiders did good to take the best player in the draft at the number 4 pick.

3:17 pm
*Falcons are taking Matt Ryan. No pressure, Matt, you are expected to resurrect an entire franchise and make everyone forget about Mike Vick. Good luck with that.

3:11 pm
*Rams pick Chris Long as expected. Have there ever been a more boring top two picks? I know these guys are going to be good, but they are both safe, vanilla picks.

3:03 pm
*Miami makes it official: Jake Long with the first pick. Good selection, he's the safest pick out of any of the top guys. What will the Rams do at number 2?

2:46 pm
* appears to have crashed. Not a good time for that to happen!

2:27 pm:
*Some interesting things happening 30 minutes before the draft even starts, according to Jay Glazer. The Ravens may be trying to move up to the number 2 spot to take Matt Ryan now that the Falcons made it apparent they will take him. The Chiefs also want to move down now that their top choices have been taken off the board. Do the Chiefs need secondary help? Lito + the number 19 pick for the number 5 pick?

1:45 pm:
*We apparently already know the first four picks in the draft according to

Dolphins: Jake Long
Rams: Chris Long
Falcons: Matt Ryan
Raiders: Darren McFadden

Kinda takes a lot of the fun out of the draft when teams announce their intentions ahead of time. Of course, there could be a lot of teams trying to send out smokescreens and they'll go another direction completely.

Hit refresh for the latest updates!

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