Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Yet another reason to hate the Cowboys: Pacman Jones joins Dallas

Get ready Dallas-area strip clubs, Pacman is coming to town! It has been rumored for months, but the Dallas Cowboys finally acquired trouble-maker Pacman Jones from the Tennessee Titans for a fourth round draft pick. The Cowboys had been in negotiations with the Titans for months over the talented but disruptive defensive back. Jones is still suspended for his off-field behavior by the NFL and has yet to apply to be re-instated.

The Cowboys are getting an extremely gifted defensive back and a solid punt returner. Pacman is a defensive playmaker who hawks to the ball and makes things happen when he gets it. On the field he will help out one of the weakest parts of the Cowboys defense, their secondary. Off the field, Dallas is bringing in yet another volatile character into their locker room, so this whole situation could blow up in their faces. I can imagine T.O. and Pacman either being best friends or going at each others throats. Let's hope it's the latter and these two ruin the entire franchise.

On paper, getting Pacman Jones for a fourth round pick is a steal. It gives the Cowboys another weapon, and it will give the Eagles even more reason to boo when Dallas comes to Philly next season. At least Philadelphia strip clubs will see a boost in revenue once a year when Pacman comes to town.

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