Thursday, April 10, 2008

Eagles Eyeing Wideouts with Top Pick

The Eagles appear to be addressing their need for a top receiver through the draft. After hosting Cal wideout DeSean Jackson last week, a source close to the Eagles confirmed that the Birds also have had meetings with receivers Devin Thomas of Michigan State and James Hardy of Indiana. All three are considered at the top of the class of for receivers at the upcoming draft, and all three have very different skill sets.

Jackson is a speed guy who would also be an asset in the return game. Thomas, despite his limited playing time in college, has displayed an ability to rack up the yards after the catch. Thomas has the size to go across the middle, and is strong enough to break tackles. Hardy is raw, but he is huge and can make the tough catches in the red zone.

The Eagles appear ready to take the best available receiver with the #19 pick in the first round. It's a break from the mold for a team that traditionally takes linemen with their top picks, but it appears that Andy Reid understands what the fans understand: this team can get a playmaker in the draft. Those of you that have voted in the poll to the right agree, with 64% thinking the Eagles should take a wideout with their first round pick.

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