Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Next Eagle Rumor: Lito for Jared Allen

As the draft approaches, the rumors continue to fly in regards to moves the Eagles might make. This next one involves Chiefs defensive end Jared Allen, who led the NFL in sacks last year. According to an article at DelcoTimes.com, the Eagles have offered up Lito Sheppard and draft picks for Allen, but the Chiefs aren't interested. The Chiefs are more inclined to take draft picks than a player in return. Allen has a ton of talent, but he wants a new contract, so that is why the Chiefs are shopping him. He would make a great addition to the Eagles defensive line rotation, although I would doubt the Eagles would fork over the type of cash that Allen is looking for. The Vikings and Buccaneers are also interested in Allen.

At this point it is safe to assume that the Eagles are offering up Lito Sheppard for any available player, trying to drum up interest for him. These types of rumors always intensify as the draft approaches and teams are looking to make moves. The chances of any of them happening are slim.

UPDATE: Another rumor shot down, Jared Allen is now a Viking. With the price Minnesota had to pay to get him, both in draft picks and in salary, they can have him!

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