Monday, April 21, 2008 Eagles Closing in on Roy Williams

Here we go again. Just when we thought all the talk of the Eagles getting a top flight receiver was dead, has started things up again. Cobb is reporting that Mike Quick, an analyst for Eagles games, believes that there will be news on a new team for Lions receiver Roy Williams by the end of this week. Three NFC East teams are believed to be bidding on the former Pro Bowler: the Eagles, Redskins and Cowboys. Cobb believes this move will happen soon as the Lions are lowering their asking price.

So, what do we make of this latest rumor from GCobb? He has actually been right more times than not this off-season as he correctly called the Eagles signing Asante Samuel and he was one of the first to report on the Eagles interest in Randy Moss. This current story may have some validity since it was reported about a month ago that the Lions might be looking to get rid of Roy Williams.

Cobb doesn't speculate as to what it would take to acquire Williams, but you can guarantee it would include some combination of draft picks and maybe one defensive roster player. Perhaps the Eagles will look to deal one of their defensive linemen as it is highly unlikely Lito Sheppard would be involved in this deal.

Williams would look great in an Eagles uniform, immediately filling their need for a top receiver, but don't hold your breath waiting for this rumor to come true. As with every Eagle rumor this off-season, I'll believe it when it happens.

UPDATE: This rumor appears to be dead. Mike Quick has backed off his claims that the Eagles will make a move for Williams by this weekend, claiming he was just speculating that something could happen. Looks like GCobb is just making stuff up again.


Anonymous said...

why is lito an unlikely trade option? the lions need talent and need a nice pickup like lito

EnriqueFed said...

I just can't see the Eagles wanting to part with Lito straight up in a deal for Roy Williams. I think the Birds feel that Lito is more valuable then that. That's just my opinion though!

Anonymous said...

Enriquefed- you cant see the eagles parting with lito straight up for williams?? What are you nuts?..if that's all it took Lito'd be on a plane tomorrow. they'd give up lito and a draft picks to get him. which I hope they do

EnriqueFed said...

I just think the Eagles think they can get more for Lito Sheppard. They have seen what the Falcons got for Deangelo Hall and they want more. Although I think people are overrating how good Roy Williams is (after all there is a reason the Lions want to get rid of him), I would still be in support of some sort of deal with Lito and Williams as the focal points.

Anonymous said...

yea the reason they want to get rid of williams is because he's a free agent next year and they have calvin johnson right behind him... can't pay both, eventually they'll need to part with one. if the birds could land williams it would be incredible. there is no way they should not pull the trigger on any reasonable deal involving him.