Sunday, April 6, 2008

Wes Helms traded to Marlins

Looks like the Phillies will get something for Wes Helms after all. Helms was designated for assignment last Wednesday, and the speculation was that the Phillies would lose him for nothing. After 10 days Helms would have been free to sign with any team, but, according to Todd Zolecki of the Philadelphia Inquirer, the Phils managed to trade him to the Marlins for cash.

This could be one of Pat Gillick's best moves ever: actually getting something in exchange for Helms. Helms returns to Florida, where he had his best season back in 2006. He will have plenty of opportunities to get his revenge on the team that dumped him, with the Marlins being a division rival of the Phillies.

The cash the Phillies got for Helms will hopefully be used down the road to fill holes in their bullpen.


Anonymous said...

From what's been reported the Phillies traded Helms AND cash to the Marlins for either an undisclosed amount or a player to be named later. Since the PTBNL can't be on the 40 man roster that tells you the Phillies are pretty much absorbing the whole thing.
For the Marlins they made the move to incrementally improve their bench without having to compete with the Braves and perhaps others on the open market.
Everyone wins. Phillies wind up with a few more dollars than they expected and the Marlins' bench is a little bit stronger with Helms replacing Wood.

EnriqueFed said...

Everything I am reading is saying the Marlins will be giving the Phillies some cash in the deal, although the Phillies will still likely be on the hook for most of Helms' contract, so I guess it's just a matter of perspective.
I agree with you that it's win-win, the Marlins pay less than they would have in the open market and the Phils get just a few bucks back to use for other things.