Friday, April 18, 2008

Eagles may acquire veteran defensive tackle Dewayne Robertson

The Eagles are rumored to acquire another player, and for once its not a receiver. The New York Jets are frantically looking for a team to take defensive tackle Dewayne Robertson off their hands before they have to dole out a 3 million dollar signing bonus, and it appears that the Eagles might be the team that the Jets ending up dealing with. The Eagles would likely have to offer up a few mid-round draft picks, something they have plenty of, but as an article on speculates, there is still an issue with Robertson's contract. It's not likely that the Birds would want to take on a contract of that size, and Robertson isn't likely to want to re-structure his contract. Other teams that were once interested in Robertson include the Bengals and Broncos.

Robertson, who recently visited with the Eagles, is a five year veteran who put up a career-high 4 sacks last season. He is especially good at stopping the run, something the Eagles were better at last season but are always looking to improve. The price of a few mid-round picks seems reasonable enough for a guy that would add a lot to the Eagles defensive line rotation (a combination of Robertson, Brodrick Bunkley and Mike Patterson would be lethal), we'll just have to see if they feel he will be worth it contractually. Robertson does have some health issues, but he would be a great high risk/high reward pick-up for the Eagles.

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