Wednesday, June 1, 2011

2011 NHL Playoff Predictions: The Finals

With the NHL Stanley Cup Finals kicking off tonight, it's time for me to make my prediction. While the Flyers have long been eliminated, the NHL Playoffs have been as good as ever, with several entertaining series, especially the Eastern Conference Final. Given that we definitely have the two best teams squaring off for the Cup, we could be in for one more good matchup.

Stanley Cup Finals
Boston vs. Vancouver

Vancouver in 6
On paper, the Canucks look like the better team in nearly every facet. They have more depth, speed, scoring ability and are at least as good in net, plus they have a power play that actually scores now and then. The Bruins have those pesky intangibles, though, including tenacity and toughness, and they won't give away any games to the Canucks. Couple those intangibles with a goaltender who regularly steals games and a surprising amount of depth and you have a team that can beat just about anyone. Unfortunately, the Canucks are just too good at every position and on every line to be denied the Stanley Cup. When you couple their high-end skill with a handful of solid defensemen and you have a team that is almost unbeatable. Expect a good series but the better team will win.

That is my pick for the Stanley Cup Final. Let me know if you agree or disagree!

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