Thursday, June 30, 2011

Let the rumors die: Flyers out on Stamkos

The rumors have been there ever since the Flyers dealt Mike Richards and Jeff Carter. While it seemed completely far-fetched, Flyers beat writers started spreading the idea that the Flyers were going to try to pry restricted free agent Steven Stamkos away from the Lightning. Sure, the Flyers didn't really have enough cap space and, sure, they would have to rip their team apart even more, but the rumors persisted that the Flyers were going to pursue Stamkos.

Those rumors die today with the news from the Flyers beat writers that the Flyers will not offer Stamkos a contract. Instead of forking over 100+ million dollars to Stamkos, the Flyers will instead sign their restricted free agents, probably bring back Ville Leino and then focus on signing a quality UFA forward. In other words, the Flyers are being sensible.

As much fun as it would have been for the Flyers to add Stamkos to the roster, I never bought into any of the rumors. Even if the Flyers did put together an offer, I didn't see any way that the Lightning wouldn't match the offer and keep their star player. The Flyers, and their fans, can move on now and focus on the several other quality unrestricted free agents out there. Sure, no free agent they bring in will be as good as Stamkos but they also won't cripple the franchise with a bloated contract and the loss of four draft picks, either.

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