Tuesday, May 31, 2011

2011 NBA Playoff Predictions: The Finals

After going a perfect 2 for 2 in my Conference Finals predictions, it's time for me to make my NBA Finals pick. It has been a largely entertaining NBA Playoffs up to this point, though we have yet to have a truly great series. Sure, there have been plenty of good games and exciting finishes along the way but we haven't that great 7 game series where the majority of the games could have gone either way. Perhaps we will get that great series with this 2006 Finals rematch.

NBA Finals
Heat vs. Mavericks

Heat in 6
Say what you will about LeBron James and the whole "Decision" fiasco, but the Heat are one step away from justifying all of the ridiculous hype. The amazing thing about the Heat is that they only need to be within a few points in the 4th quarter and their two stars are capable of carrying them to victory. The Mavericks have something that the Heat haven't faced yet, and that's a closer of their own in Dirk Nowitzki. Even though the Heat will throw everything they have at him, Dirk is essentially unguardable, making it that much harder for Miami to put the Mavs away. Still, the Big Two on the Heat are too strong and if they can continue to get contributions from the role players now and then, they will be neatly impossible to beat.

That is my pick for the NBA Finals. Let me know if you agree or disagree!


Home Inspector Training said...

Alright! I’ve been waiting for this time comes. I can’t wait to watch this rematch from the 2006 Finals. This is gonna be a good match up.

Home Inspector Marketing said...

Heat vs Mavs is a good match. I bet Heat will going to have the upper hand on this one. Dwayne and Lebron combo is definitely the visible best weapon of Heat, but Mavericks outside shooting is going to be a tough challenge. Both teams are good, so I’m looking forward for a good fight.

Danielle said...

At first I definitely thought the Mavs would win in 6 maybe 7. But after last nights game, i am not too sure anymore. I didn't think The Heat would be able to defend Dirk well. But it looked like they did a pretty good job to me. It definitely looks like it is going to be a good series either way. Also, the Mavs didn't make as many 3's as they usually do, which I think they depend on this. After saying all that....I may be changing my decision to go with the Heat. Even though I didn't like the was Bron Bron left CLeveland...and the whole "Decision" fiasco. When it comes down to it, dude can ball!