Monday, June 13, 2011

Phillies looking to add righty bat?

Despite Ruben Amaro's insistence that the Phillies won't be making any significant additions to the roster this season, rumors are still circulating that they are looking to add offense. According to Buster Olney of ESPN, the Phillies are in search of a right-handed hitting outfielder, someone along the lines of a Josh Willingham.

While there has been talk over the last few weeks about the Phillies going after Hunter Pence of the Astros, it's clear that Amaro doesn't want to add any significant payroll. If the Phillies really are looking for a righty bat, expect them to be looking in the bargain pile for someone who can help them off the bench rather than someone who can step in and play every day. With Raul Ibanez, Dom Brown and Ben Francisco already in the mix, the Phils don't really need someone who can play every day, anyway, though it would be nice if they had a bench bat with some power to use late in the game.

Unless the Phillies can find someone to take Joe Blanton's salary off their hands, I think it's safe to trust Amaro when he says there won't be any big moves during the season. Of course, Amaro has been less than truthful before, so you never know what he could possibly have up his sleeve.

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