Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Once again, Philly loses to an eventual champion

As you know, the Boston Bruins have won the Stanley Cup. What you may not know is that makes it three years in a row that the Flyers have lost to the eventual Stanley Cup winner in the playoffs. This year, it was the Bruins. Last year, it was the Blackhawks in the Finals. In 2009 it was the Penguins.

On top of that, the Eagles also lost to the eventual Super Bowl winner this year after the Packers beat them in the first round. Add in the Phillies losing to the Giants in the NLCS last year and their loss to the Yankees in the World Series in 2009 and you have a staggering number of Philly Sports teams that have lost to the eventual champions in recent years. The only thing keeping the most recent season for each Philly sports team from being ended by the eventual champion is the fact that the Heat, who beat the Sixers in the first round, lost in the NBA Finals.

Depressing. At least we will still have 2008!

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