Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Rumor: Sixers and Warriors discussing Iguodala for Ellis swap

In a move that may delight many fans, it looks like the Sixers are looking to deal their supposed franchise player, Andre Iguodala. According to Ric Bucher of ESPN, the Sixers and Warriors have had discussions about a deal that would send Iguodala to the Warriors in exchange for big-scoring guard Monta Ellis.

While he makes it clear that nothing is imminent, Bucher argues that the trade makes a lot of sense for both teams, though I don't see why the Sixers would make this deal. I'm all for the Sixers trying to get some value for Iguodala but Ellis only does one thing on the basketball court and that's shoot the ball. While he's very good at filling it up, Ellis doesn't bring anything else to the Sixers should they add him to the mix. Perhaps the Sixers are trying to re-live the Allen Iverson years by acquiring the player most like him in the NBA?

Say what you will about Iguodala's leadership but he brings a lot more to the table than Ellis. Even if Iguodala never becomes the big-time scoring threat we all hoped he would be, he is still a lock-down defender who can guard the best player on the floor night in and night out. Trade Iguodala if you must, Sixers, but please get more than just a volume shooter in return.

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