Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sixers discussing Iguodala for Carmelo trade?

In a story that is likely too good to be true, is reporting that the Sixers and Nuggets are in discussions regarding a trade that would send Andre Iguodala to Denver in exchange for Carmelo Anthony. The trade would of course include other parts, likely another quality piece or two being shipped out of Philly and something from Denver to get the salaries to match. Before the deal would be agreed upon by the Sixers, they would also have to negotiate a long-term deal with Anthony, something that would be tricky considering he has never shown any interest in coming to Philadelphia.

Call this deal a longshot at best. From the Sixers perspective, the deal is a slam dunk as long as they get to hold on to Evan Turner. Anthony is an elite player and would immediately take them from a fringe playoff team in the East to a contender for a top 4 seed. Considering Anthony has a say in where he goes and he wants to go to New York, New Jersey or Chicago, even if the Sixers put together a good package of players, that doesn't mean a deal will go through.

I suppose we can all still dream, however. How does a starting five of Jrue Holiday, Evan Turner, Carmelo Anthony, Thaddeus Young and Elton Brand sound to you?


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