Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Phillies are finally back where they belong

After months of trying to catch Atlanta, the Phillies have finally done it.

With a 8-7 win over the Marlins and a Braves loss to the Pirates, the Phillies are back atop the National League East for the first time since May 3oth. Sure, it's only a half game lead, but how huge is it to check the standings and see the Phillies back where they belong?

In even better news, the Phillies also now have the most wins of any team in the National League as they became the first team to reach 80 wins. For a team that has struggled with injuries all season long, this is a remarkable position to be in.

Finally, the Phillies have gone from the chaser to the one being chased. As we all know, that's a position they are pretty familiar with, so we should feel pretty good about their chances of holding on. Yep, I think we're in for another fun October.

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