Monday, September 13, 2010

Bill Guerin accepts tryout offer with Flyers

The longer he worked out with the Flyers, the more likely this became: Bill Guerin has accepted a tryout offer with the Flyers. Guerin, who has been working out with Flyers veterans for the last two weeks, was angling to sign a contract somewhere but seemed to change his mind as he approached Paul Holmgren and asked for a tryout.

Guerin isn't guaranteed to make the Flyers roster but you can bet he will give Dan Carcillo a run for his spot on the wing. Given Guerin's veteran leadership and ability to contribute, he could be an asset to the Flyers at the right price. Even if he doesn't make the team, there is no harm in bringing him in and pushing the fringe roster players to play harder.

With a good showing in camp, the Flyers may have just found a new third line winger. He'll just happen to bring with him a pair of Stanley Cups and 856 career points.


allthingsphilly said...

Now where are those "Anonymous" commenters that hated on me for thinking Guerin wanted a tryout with the Flyers?

Anonymous said...

I wasn't hating on you for thinking that. I thought it too, but you stated that he was hoping for a tryout like it was a fact, when he never said it. I was just trying to help and you got very defensive. All I am saying is that things should not be stated as a fact if they are an opinion. I can say "Vick to start this weekend" because I think thats going to happen, but we all know that decision has not been made yet, so it is b.s. I was just saying that it was your opinion and not a stated fact.

Anonymous said...

This is the problem with blogs like this. Yeah sure there is plenty of good information on this blog. Philadelphia sports news is updated fairly quickly. But when someone makes a mistake, they should admit it. They shouldn't argue to the death because that makes people dislike them. Look at Barry Bonds (which I realize is much more serious than this). All I am saying is I think my point is clear. You tried to state an opinion as a fact. An honest mistake! But why argue to the death? Why can't you just admit it and move on? No ones perfect! I make mistakes non stop.

allthingsphilly said...

My opinion about Bill Guerin wanting to sign with the Flyers was correct. Sorry, anonymous, blogs are a mixture of news and opinions!