Monday, September 13, 2010

Eagles officially lose Weaver and Jackson for the season

With the entire team healthy heading into their first game of the season, you knew the Eagles were due for a few injuries. Not even the most jaded fan could have predicted the carnage that followed in the game against the Packers, however, as key players from both sides of the ball went down with potentially serious injuries.

Two Eagles have been confirmed to be out for the season: fullback Leonard Weaver (torn ACL) and center Jamaal Jackson (torn tricep). Given that the Eagles already had a contingency plan (Mike McGlynn or Nick Cole) in place should Jackson not be healthy, the loss of Weaver is the bigger blow. Having traded away Charles Scott in the preseason, the Eagles are now left without a fullback on the roster. There will be a tremendous drop in talent from a Pro Bowler like Weaver to whatever fullback the Eagles pick up off the scrap heap, like former practice squad player Jason Davis, who is reportedly now working out with the Birds.

It could be a long season, Eagles fans.

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