Friday, September 24, 2010

The Phillies are now the best team in baseball

Another day, another Phillies win. For their 11th straight win, the Phils dispatched the Mets, 3-2, after Brad Lidge had to get the last batter out twice because the Mets supposedly called time in the middle of one of his pitches. That win, coupled with a loss by the Braves to the Nationals, lowers the Phillies magic number down to 2, meaning they could clinch as early as tomorrow if they win again and the Braves lose again.

On top of that, since both the Yankees and the Twins lost on Friday night, the Phillies also are the first team to 93 wins and own the best record in baseball. While having the best record in all of baseball means nothing in the playoffs because the NL team will get 4 home games in the World Series due to winning the All-Star game, it's still an impressive feat given all that the Phillies have had to overcome this year.

With the Phillies likely to clinch by the end of the weekend and the Yankees and Rays fighting for the AL East crown, it's doubtful the Phils will have the best record when the season wraps up. The Phillies will certainly settle for having the best record in the National League, something that is also just a few wins away.

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