Thursday, September 16, 2010

Michael Vick to start at QB for Eagles in Week 2

According to various sources, the Eagles are going to go with Michael Vick as their starting quarterback in Week 2 against the Lions. This move comes as no surprise considering Kevin Kolb hasn't been cleared to even practice at this point due to concussion symptoms.

Going with Vick, who has been taking all the first team snaps in practice and prepping to take on the Lions all week, is a no-brainer. With Kolb only just now being allowed to sit in on meetings, he won't be able to get up to speed fast enough to be effective in Week 2.

No matter how well Vick does in Week 2 (and I think he'll do very well), you can count on Kolb being the starting quarterback for Week 3 and beyond as long as he is cleared to play. Andy Reid has been very clear that Kolb is the starting quarterback for the Eagles and nothing Vick does is going to change that. The Eagles have too much invested in Kolb to just cast him aside at this point. Besides, he can't be judged based on just one half of football.

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