Monday, March 1, 2010

Source: Allen Iverson's season is over

(Photo by Noah Graham/NBAE via Getty Images)
What was only speculation before appears to be fact: Allen Iverson will not be playing basketball again this season. According to Dei Lynam of CSN Philly, a source has confirmed that Iverson will spend the rest of the year with his ailing daughter rather than return to the Sixers. It's unknown at this time whether the decision was made mutually between Iverson and the Sixers or if the veteran guard is being asked not to come back.

Given the way he was in and out of the lineup for the Sixers over the recent months, the decision for Iverson to pack it in was an easy one. With the Sixers completely out of the playoff picture, the youth movement needs to be in full effect, meaning playing Iverson would only have blocked Jrue Holiday and Lou Williams from the court. While I understand what the Sixers were thinking when they signed Iverson initially ($$$), his usefulness on the court has dissipated faster than the Sixers playoff hopes.

Not only is this the end of the abbreviated second Allen Iverson era in Philly, it could very well be the end of his career. Very few teams are going to beat down the door for an aging guard who will demand substantial playing time. I for one hope that Iverson gets one last shot in the league, if only to end his Hall of Fame career in a much more uplifting way. I also hope that his daughter recovers from her illness and goes on to lead a full life.

Thanks for all the memories, Allen. We will never forget all that you did for Philly basketball in your prime.

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