Thursday, March 18, 2010

No room for veterans: Eagles cut Curtis, Howard

It looks like the youth movement continues with the Eagles as they have cut two more veterans from the roster: WR Kevin Curtis and DE Darren Howard.

Neither cut was a surprise. With the recent signing of Hank Baskett, it became obvious that the Birds weren't going to keep Curtis and his 4+ million dollar salary. With DeSean Jackson, Jeremy Maclin and Jason Avant all ahead of him on the depth chart, it was no longer feasible for Curtis to make that kind of money in his limited role. He leaves the Eagles after three injury-filled years that started with a bang in 2007 (1100 yards) and ended with a whimper as he only suited up for 12 games in the last two years.

The writing was on the wall for Howard, too. He was also due 4+ million next season and was just going to be another member of the defensive line rotation. With the recent acquisition and contract extension of Darryl Tapp, Howard wasn't going to be given the chance to earn what was basically starter money. As an Eagle, Howard never quite lived up to the expectations the team had when they signed him back in 2006. He spent 4 years with the Birds, starting slow in his first two years (6 sacks) but he eventually turned into a solid pass-rushing threat in '08 and '09 (16.5 sacks).

Despite the fact that there is no salary cap next year, the Eagles are continuing to go about business as usual. They are still identifying young players with upside, signing them to long-term deals and dropping all the veterans with hefty price tags. It makes you wonder what they have in mind with Donovan McNabb. Will he be the exception and remain with the team or will they find a way to jettison him much like they did with Brian Westbrook, Reggie Brown, Curtis and Howard?

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jnuzzi08 said...

I think McNabb should and will be the quarterback in 2010. Kevin Kolb is unproven. Sure the two games he's played this year were good (not great; 3 INT v. Saints), but he has no other experience. In 2011, I believe McNabb will walk and this will be Kolb's team.