Sunday, March 7, 2010

Eagles free agency update: Whole lot of nothing going on?

The NFL free agency period is in full swing but if you've been following the Eagles, you wouldn't know it. Besides the contract extension for Leonard Weaver and the release of Will Witherspoon, the Eagles have been strangely quiet over the last few days. After some initial interest in Julius Peppers, the Eagles seem to have taken a step back from the big names in free agency, focusing on depth players. It seems that the Eagles front office is just not interested in the weak unrestricted free agent class and might be looking to change their focus to restricted free agents, the draft and possibly making some trades.

Here are the latest players rumored to be linked to the Eagles:

CB Marlin Jackson The former Colt will be the first player to visit the Eagles. Jackson played cornerback for Indy in 4 games last year and is coming off some serious ACL issues. Given the injury history, the Eagles will need to examine him closely and they may plan to move him to safety since he is probably a step or two slower. Jackson is talented and big but the Eagles should be wary of his injury problems.

WR Hank Baskett The former Eagle and Super Bowl goat for the Colts is reportedly someone the Eagles are interested in. Despite his blunder on the onside kick in the Super Bowl, Baskett is a solid special teams contributor who already knows the Eagles offense. While I'm not particularly excited about the prospect of the Eagles signing Baskett, if it means Reggie Brown is finally let go, I'm all for it.

RB Mike Bell Former Saints running back Mike Bell is also believed to be on the Eagles radar. Bell is a veteran back that would fit in as the veteran backup to LeSean McCoy. He would be a nice compliment to McCoy because he is more of a bruising runner. Bell isn't that much better than someone the Eagles could draft in the 4th round but, for the right price, he would be a quality backup.

DE Jason Babin Actually, I haven't heard the Eagles had any interest in bringing him back, but you have to check out his video resume:

Wow, I don't know how 32 teams aren't knocking down his door.

WR Brandon Marshall Yeah, right. He is available, apparently, but the Eagles won't be getting him. Isn't it nice that the Eagles aren't linked to every possibly wide receiver anymore?

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Michael Davids said...

This is a team that will not win or lose based on free agent activity. With young stars at the skill positions, we know what this team is capable of. It's all about McNabb and coaching, just like every season.