Friday, March 5, 2010

Eagles lock up FB Weaver with record contract

It had been rumored for the last few days but it is finally official: the Eagles have signed fullback Leonard Weaver to a contract extension. Weaver, who was to become a restricted free agent, signed a 3 year, 11 million dollar contract with the Birds, the largest ever for a fullback. The contract includes 6.5 million dollars of guaranteed money for the Pro Bowler.

Retaining Weaver became a high priority this offseason after he proved to be so valuable in 2009. Not only was he a great blocking fullback but Weaver also was a solid ball carrier when he lined up as a running back. With Brian Westbrook gone, I would expect that we see Weaver used even more in the running attack.

Remember when the Eagles used to have terrible fullbacks? It's nice to see them finally value the position and wrap up one of the best in the game.

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