Thursday, March 25, 2010

Latest rumor: McNabb to the Raiders in megadeal

Expect a lot more rumors like this to pop up in the coming days. According to Pro Football Talk, the Raiders and Eagles might possibly be discussing a huge trade that would send Donovan McNabb and Asante Samuel to the Raiders for Nnamdi Asomugha and a second round pick. Yep, that would be three Pro Bowl players changing hands.

PFT makes it pretty clear that this is just a rumor but it seems more like a trade you would make in Madden than a real trade in the NFL. While the Eagles would be getting a very, very good cornerback in Asomugha, it's hard to believe they are going to trade two Pro Bowlers for only one in return. From the Eagles standpoint, it makes some sense, since Asomugha would be an upgrade over Samuel and his non-tackling ways and the Birds would also be getting an early second for McNabb. Unfortunately, there is still one huge problem with the deal. As I said yesterday, McNabb is a free agent after 2010, so the Raiders would have to agree to a contract extension with him to make the deal worth it for them. There is absolutely no chance McNabb will stay in Oakland on a team with zero chance to win a title.

I wouldn't put much merit into this rumor. It's fun to chew on and think about the ramifications but, really, how often do huge trades happen in NFL? And, like I've said before, the Eagles like to work in secrecy so the rumors you hear are either completely made up or something the Eagles have already rejected. Despite that fact, expect this to just be one of many more McNabb rumors to be spread around in the coming month.

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