Friday, March 26, 2010

As Donovan turns: McNabb trade rumor roundup

Another day, another new batch of new Donovan McNabb rumors. While it's not my goal to bring every last ridiculous rumor that spreads about where McNabb will end up, here's a roundup of some of the interesting things I've heard today:

-The Associated Press says the Eagles reportedly want at least a top 42 pick for McNabb. That seems pretty arbitrary; they wouldn't take pick 43 or 44? Sal Pal reports that the rest of the league is only willing to give up a 3rd round pick. Looks like we have a difference in how the league values #5.

-Via Adam Schefter, McNabb spoke to Andy Reid and prefers to stay in Philly over getting traded to the Raiders or Bills. McNabb also stated that, if he's traded, he would most like to go to the Vikings. Well, duh, of course he would want to go to a loaded team like Minnesota rather than the crappy Raiders. Unfortunately for Donovan, he has absolutely no say in where he goes. I don't think the loyalty of Reid will keep the Eagles from making the best deal possible regardless of the team McNabb goes to.

-According to multiple sources, the Raiders are supposedly the team that is hottest after McNabb. As I talked about yesterday, the Raiders are willing to include Nnamdi Asomugha in a deal for McNabb and they won't even demand that McNabb sign an extension. While Asomugha is a top cornerback, he only has one more year left on his deal for the outrageous price tag of 16 million dollars. Despite his immense talent, the Eagles would much rather have draft picks than an overpriced veteran.

-Also, there are zero Kevin Kolb and Michael Vick trade rumors. It's curiously quiet on those fronts.

I'm still in the belief that the Eagles will only trade McNabb if given a great deal. They have in no way placed him on the trading block and are simply listening to offers. Whatever they choose to do, the Eagles need to clear up this situation as quickly as possible. The team can't linger deep into the offseason with rumors floating around unless they have decided to trade McNabb to the highest bidder. You can't have rumors still going in June with McNabb left to wonder if he is still the starting QB in Philly. If nothing else but for the sanity of the fans, I hope something happens sooner rather than later.


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